Lupin & Holmes

Welcome to Lupin & Holmes, an innovative venture passionately brought to life by us, brothers Roni "Lupin" Carta and Oren “Holmes” Carta-Lag. We're eager to make our mark in the vibrant world of offensive cybersecurity and social engineering.

At Lupin & Holmes, we're inspired by the hacking culture that values creativity, exploration, and problem-solving at its core. Our mission is to challenge the norms, raise the bar, and drive meaningful innovation in the cybersecurity industry. We base our strategies on diligent research, creative problem-solving, and strategic development.

We take inspiration from the intriguing characters of Lupin & Holmes. Lupin, celebrated for his inventive nature, reflects our ceaseless pursuit of knowledge and offensive security tactics. His audacious spirit motivates us to push boundaries within the cybersecurity realm.

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Lupin, known in the real world as Roni Carta, has always been captivated by the world of computers. From a young age, he reveled in the thrill of video games, nurturing a keen desire to create games of his own. This childhood fascination sparked his journey into programming at the tender age of 10, where he discovered the limitless potential to bring his imagination to life.

A turning point came at 13, when he delved into the adventures of Arsene Lupin, the fictional master thief. Lupin was captivated by the character's ingenious schemes and ability to remain one step ahead of the law. The creative problem-solving and intellectual prowess exhibited by Arsene Lupin resonated deeply with him, drawing parallels with the craft of hacking.

Spurred on by this newfound perspective, Lupin embarked on a deep dive into hacking and hacker culture. He joined the Bug Bounty Platform, HackerOne, honing his skills in detecting vulnerabilities and problem-solving. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and passion for overcoming complex challenges shaped him into a competent hacker, leading to a key role at ManoMano.

During his tenure at ManoMano, Lupin distinguished himself as a Senior Security Engineer, conducting Red Teaming Operations and Penetration Testing, whilst enhancing internal team security. However, his journey didn't stop there. Channeling the audacious spirit of his namesake and a rich background in cybersecurity, he decided to co-found Lupin & Holmes, where he continues to drive innovation in offensive cybersecurity tactics.

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Holmes, known in the real world as Oren Carta-Lag, is a 33-year-old Senior Software Engineer who embodies the rationality and problem-solving prowess reminiscent of his namesake, the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. A graduate of the esteemed 42 school, Holmes honed his technical skills and refined his approach to problem-solving, mirroring the analytical prowess of the famous detective.

As a Backend Developer specializing in Ruby on Rails, he has deployed his talents across various startups, each time leaving an indelible mark with his precise coding and insightful solutions. His noteworthy accomplishments include leading the project to establish the 42 school in Madrid, significantly expanding the reach of this prestigious institution.

However, his journey did not stop at individual contributions. Inspired to foster meaningful change in the cybersecurity landscape, he co-founded Lupin & Holmes. Drawing from his vast experience and the inspiration from Sherlock Holmes, he strives to develop reliable solutions to complex problems and continuously innovate for robust cybersecurity approaches. At Lupin & Holmes, his role extends beyond software development, as he brings his insightful perspective to the strategic direction of the company's mission.

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